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Sepertiynya konsep “Kemajemukan Pekerjaan” yang diperkenalkan Benjamin White dan lain lain, petani Jawa memiliki pekerjaan selain kegiatan pertanian, salah satunya pandai besi. Tujuan karangan ini adalah menjelaskan sifatnya pekerjaan pandai besi berdasarkan utamanya studi yang dilakukan oleh Ann Dunham Soetro pada tahun 1970-80an dalam konteks antropologi kerja. Pandai besi di Jawa, khususnya desa Kajar, Gunung Kidul, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta, berhubungan dengan tidak hanya aktivitas perekonomian tepapi juga kebudayaan termasuk upacara, peran kelamin,kesenian dan lain lain.

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S. Ann Dunham’s Viewpoint – Village Smithes, Music and Performing Arts in Java*

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multiplying shades – homage to A.W. –

You may feed these vague fishes painted in black-and-white.

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True story: Les Scott (a.k.a. Neu Gestalt) and I live in the same city, and worked in the same organisation, and yet we’ve never met. “Altered Carbon”, his début release, was an astonishing tour de force. Indeed, it’s one of my five favourite electronica albums ever. “Weightless Hours” has been three years in the making. That’s a long time by any standards. Given how much I love his first album, I hoped so much that I wouldn’t be disappointed. Thankfully, I had nothing to fear.

“Toxicology” begins with lapping water and breathy shakuhachi over band-passed crackles and phased synths. A glitchy pattern breaks out, underpinned by an immense bass. Simple piano notes are then draped over all of this, creating a fabulous contrast of acoustic and electronic instruments. It’s a cracker of an opener, signalling in advance how the album might develop. “Abandoned Cities” has a cinematic oriental feel, with melted shakuhachi notes warping themselves…

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the photos are very impressive, but too artificial.

CNN Photos

Amateur photographer Lee Jeffries was in London four years ago to run the annual marathon. While walking around Leicester Square the day before the race, he snapped a photo of a homeless girl across the street.

She noticed him taking her picture and yelled at him for being intrusive.

“I could have just left and walked away, but I actually went and talked to her and heard her story,” Jeffries says. She was an 18-year-old drug addict and both of her parents had died. “That changed my focus on photography, and that’s where it all started.”

Since then, he has captured intimate portraits of dozens of homeless people around Europe and the United States. What started as a hobby for the Manchester-based accountant has turned into a “personal crusade.”

“Obviously I don’t photograph every homeless person I see,” Jeffries says. “I have to recognize something in the subject. I can’t…

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